Four Shop Shelving Systems
...and much more.

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Huge Choice

A range of Four shelving systems readily available to be customised and powder coated.

We Design

We tailor the shelving system of your choice to your specific needs by designing every special display you require.

We Manufacture

We convert ideas into amazing shopping experiences thanks to our state of the art manufacturing.

Gondola Shelving Systems

Metal Gondola Shelving


Versatile Shelving

Our original store shelving system comes in numerous height variations, boasts a range of accessories and is available in our standard 15 colours, plasticised finishes and more.

Discover TN9

M25 Space Saving Retail Shelving


25mm Shelving

A flexible store shelving system with a huge range of configuration options. Its central back panel design means more floor or merchandising space, it's your choice!

Discover M25

50mm Pitch Compatible Retail Shelving


50mm Shelving

Whether you’re adding to existing shop shelving or you’re looking for fresh store fit out that you can expand on in the future, the CAEM S50 store solution is your ultra-compatible option.

Discover S50

TN9, M25 and S50 shop shelving systems 
are in stock ready to be powder coated

Storage Shelving

Back of house retail racking


Storage Shelving

The sturdy, easy to assemble, boltless storage shelving system for dark stores, the back of house or shops wanting a funky look. 

Discover Unizinc



  • Modular Planks.
  • Pitch 45, 65, 100, 120cm.
  • 15 off the shelf Colours.
  • In Stock



  • The Most Capable.
  • Pitch 66, 80, 100cm.
  • 15 off the shelf Colours.
  • In Stock



  • 50mm Compatible.
  • Pitch 67, 80, 100, 125cm.
  • 15 off the shelf Colours.
  • In Stock



  • Boltless.
  • Pitch 120, 180cm
  • Zinc Coated. 
  • In Stock

Patented Leveller

Only CAEM's gondola shelving comes with a patented leveller: while adjusting the height of the units, a marker will indicate if the leveller is starting to disengage from the threads hence reducing the safety of the units.

A crucial safety feature, by CAEM.

See a video here .

Retail Display Solution

A major UK retailer needed to display tall products. 

CAEM designed a 'sunken base shelf' that was rolled out across their estate

Retail Display Solution

This retailer needed improving their Click&Collect instore process. 

CAEM designed a modular cabinet that could be retrofitted to existing fixtures. 

Rolled out nationwide.

More Systems...

Pharmacy Storage


Modular Drawers

The furniture programme for pharmacists and dispensaries. It features drawers, pullout shelves and workbenches. D25 dramatically increases drug storage capacity and efficiency of operations.

Discover D25

Modular Counters


Modular Counters

CT9 counters are based on our time tested TN9 backbone, and designed to your individual needs. With an almost infinite number of configurations, build a bespoke solution to fit within your space, display your particular merchandise and fulfil your colour and brand requirements. 

Discover CT9 counters

DC4 Pharmacy Drawers


Drawers Cabinets

Our Pharmacy Drawers are Solid, Reliable and Near Silent. Built on a self-supporting steel structure with steel drawers (not plastic) these units are perfect for any Pharmacy or Dispensary environment.

Discover DC4

Smart Locker Systems


Smart Lockers

Smart lockers are intelligent storage systems that enable users to 
securely store and retrieve items. Suitable for a huge range of verticals, and environments, they are perfect for Retail and Pharmacy Click and Collect. Improve your customer experience while saving your business time and money. 

Discover Smart Lockers

And a lot more...

Retail Shelving Accessories

Shop Shelving Accessories

From slat panels to glass cabinets, from promo units to wire baskets. Our range of store shelving accessories include a huge number of complementary items compatible with our store solutions, together with unique standalone items for your store.

Discover Accessories

Custom Retail Design

Custom Designs

Take your concepts from ideas to reality: CAEM will design and prototype any shop format or retail displays you may require.

Discover Product Development

Retail Lighting

LED Lighting

Ardente is the universal LED shelf lighting system that helps you show off your high margin merchandise and boost your bottom line. A universal system that fits any store shelving.

Discover Ardente

Retail Shopfitting Systems

Shopfitting Systems

CAEM offers an extensive range of made-to-order modular shopfitting systems. Manufactured to the highest engineering standards.

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CAEM for the Environment

We reduce our footprint with solar panels,

latest energy efficient technologies,

using trains for our imports,

and by planting trees every year!

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