D25 Pharmacy Solutions

The Complete Dispensary Range

More Capacity in the Same 
Floor Space

Fully Modular Structure and Drawers.

CAEM D25 offers not only a huge number of possible configurations for Pharmacy and Dispensaries, but also Hospitals (NHS), Veterinary and any other organisations that needs drugs storage, pharmacy drawer units or worktops to operate. D25 maximises the space in your pharmacy with options to squeeze the most out of these areas, maximising its productivity. 

Features Overview

Medical drawers for Pharmacy


CAEM Medidrawer is an 8cm high pull out pharmacy drawer system designed for high density medicine storage and retrieval. Fully configurable, the pull-out design comes with a range of dividers and can be fitted horizontally, inclined, partly horizontal and partly inclined.

Medidrawer is suitable for above or below the counter, and can be arranged in banks.

Perfect for Medicines

Wall mounted drawers for pharmacy


CAEM Readydrawers are 15cm high and connect to the D25 structure at any desired height, either horizontally or inclined at 15°. These pharmacy drawers have full width handles and automatic locking when closed or when fully opened.

Organisation is easy with back-to-front and side-to-side dividers and frosted acrylic risers ensure client privacy.

Perfect for Prescriptions

Bulk storage for Pharmacy


To make the most of the floor space, we recommend the use of CAEM Floordrawer's to store larger items and boxes. They are available in two heights: 23cm and 43cm.

Built in durable steel, they run freely on the floor.

Perfect to Larger Items

Timber worktops for pharmacy


D25 has worktops designed for pharmacy and dispensary. Available in a selection of colours and formed from solid 25mm thick hard wearing, chip resistant and heat resistant laminate with ABS edging.

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Timber storage options for pharmacy

Timber Side Panels

CAEM D25 is available with open sides, but also has a range of sides to close off the ends. These are manufactured from 25mm laminate with ABS or laminate edges, and are available in a range of colours to suit your needs.

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LED Pharmacy lighting

Flexible Pharmacy 

/Dispensary Shelving 

D25 pharmacy/ dispensary shelving is based on CAEM's time tested M25 shop shelving. Our pharmacy shelving systems fit around your needs and the needs of your pharmacy. Our shelves are Steel, hard wearing and coated in our specialist antimicrobial coating to help reduce cross contamination, increase hygiene and keep your teams safe.

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LEd lighting for Pharmacy

LED Lighting

CAEM’s ARDENTE Modular LED lighting solution provides instant light to your Pharmacy furniture. The magnetic fixtures mean that it is simple to configure and re-configure as your pharmacy changes.

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Plastic Trays for Pharmacy Storage


CAEM's BSN Trays are manufactured in  durable frosted transparent plastic.

Trays can be hung from the D25 Pharmacy furniture using the specially adapted bar, that simply clips into the system. They are simple to label, and can be stacked when not in use.

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Space Saving Pharmacy Solutions

D25 pharmacy solutions and pharmacy Shelving systems fit to your needs. Maximising your pharmacy storage and making better use of your space.

Flexible to your needs.

D25 pharmacy furniture and drawer units have a modular steel construction allowing for simple reconfiguration to your future requirements.

Reliable and

The steel construction is extremely strong and durable. The antimicrobial coating provides long lasting protection.

Drawers Fully Open
8, 15 
Drawers Heights (cm)
30, 40, 50
Drawers' Depths (cm)
80, 100
Widths (cm)

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D25 Pharmacy Furniture

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