S50 Shop Shelving


The S50 retail shelving plays perfectly with other 50mm store solutions. Perfect for a fresh shopfitting project, 


Stand out from your competition. Powder coat your store shelving in our a range of 15 standard colours, or choose from our catalogue of 150 colours and finishes. 


A vast selection of shop shelving accessories to complement your store shelves and and maximise sales.

Features Overview

Ultra Compatible Store Solutions

50mm Compatible

S50 is designed to work together with your existing 50mm pitch shop shelving. Mix and match to enhance your stores. S50 is compatible and interchangeable with your current 50mm store solutions.

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50mm Retail Gondolas


S50 store shelving offers a variety of configuration options and a huge range of accessories. These allow you the flexibility to create the perfect format for your retail store.

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50mm robust shelving

Robust Design

CAEM S50 shelving is never value engineered and actually manufactured by CAEM. We do not outsource our shelf manufacturing, use the highest grade materials and the latest technology to ensure S50 store solutions will last for many years in your retail store!

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30, 37, 47, 57
Depth (cm)
67, 80, 100, 125
Widths (cm)

Retail Shelving Accessories

Shop Shelving Accessories

From slat panels to glass cabinets, from promo units to wire baskets. Our range of store shelving accessories include a huge number of complementary items compatible with our store solutions, together with unique standalone items for your store.

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S50 shop shelving systems  are available in any of 15 standard colours

CAEM Shelving Technical Catalogue

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Shelving Systems

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