M25 Shelving System

More Facing Merchandise

Easily configure M25 retail shelving to display more merchandise. Merchandise more, sell more!

An Extra Shelf across your store.

The low profile base combined with slim shelves and hinged EPOS results in a full extra shelf on your shelving units, and across your retail store.

Save Space, fit another gondola.

Central back panels result in the same merchandise space in a skinnier profile.

Features Overview

M25 Space Saving Shelving

Ultralow Base

The ultra-low base retains strength while gaining space over alternative shop shelving systems. 

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M25 25mm Space Saving Shelving

Slim Edged Shelves

The slim edged shelving combines with the other M25 innovations to increase merchandising space in your retail store.

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M25 25mm Pitch Shelving Central Back Panel

Central Backpanel

The central back panel not only results in more space on your shelving, but also means shop gondolas can be reduced in width, giving you more space in your retail store.

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27, 37, 47 
Bases, Brackets' Sizes (cm)
30, 40, 50
Shelf Sizes (cm)
66, 80, 100
Widths (cm)

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