Slat Back Panels
Easily add hooks to your store shelving with slat back panels from CAEM

CAEM Slat Back Panels (Slat Wall) are designed to quickly convert the back panels in your store shelving to take hooks/hangers.  A high class alternative to perforated back panels for your store.

Our Slat Back Panels are a modular solution for your store shelving. Available in a variety of different heights to mix and match. Versions are available for all CAEM store solutions including: M25, TN9 and S50. The S50 version being compatible with any 50mm pitch retail shelving *Please check before ordering.

Order together with the CAEM range of hooks to instantly give your shelving fixtures a boost. Quickly install and swap styles as your merchandise changes.


  • Available in a variety of heights to mix and match.
  • Compatible with all CAEM store shelving systems and other 50mm pitch store solutions.
  • Available in a range of 30+ colours and finishes.
  • Quickly convert your store shelving to hooks without using perforated back panels.
  • Separate panels are simple to fit and upgrade your retail shelving without the need for shopfitting.
  • A range of compatible hooks are available to order.
  • Use as a back to our glass cabinets to great effect. 

To order our slat back panels use the following codes:

TN9 - 

121#008PPPC - TN9 Back Panel Slat H=8cm P=pppcm (P =045, P=065, P=100 and P=120)

S50 - 

JR09#010PPPC S50 BackPanel Slat H=10cm P=ppp cm (P=067, P=080, P=100 and P=125)

M25 - 

JR09M#010PPPC M25 Slat Back Panel H=10cm P=ppp cm (p=066, p=080 and p=100)

If you would like to order slat panels for your
store shelving, then contact us.

Glass Cabinets
Custom glass cabinets to complement your store shelving