Glass Cabinets
Custom glass cabinets to complement your store shelving

CAEM are constantly developing items to complement your retail shelving systems and store solutions. Our glass cabinet range can be specified as part of your store shelving project/retail fit out or ordered individually.

CAEM Glass Cabinets can be designed to your exact requirements and for compatibility with your existing store shelving. The cabinets are available in different widths to match your needs and your shop shelving, with or without locks. 

The lockable versions of our glass cabinets are ideal for securely merchandising items, that are either high margin, or need to be secure (such as drugs, animal treatments and so on).  They allow full visibility of your items, but are only accessible by your staff. Non lockable version are there to deter touching or handling, but give customers a clear view of items.

They can also be combined with our Ardente LED lighting solution to really make your merchandise stand out.


  • Help to highlight your high margin items. 
  • Attach to existing store shelf uprights for extra security and strength.
  • Available with store shelves, hooks, slat back or perforated back panels to fit your merchandise.
  • Lockable to secure dangerous or restricted items.
  • Toughened glass to ensure customer and staff safety.
  • Available in any of our 30+ colours and finishes.
  • Compatible with LED lighting to make your items really stand out.

CAEM is experienced in the production of store shelf solutions and bespoke retail display items (read more about our fabrication services here).

To talk to us about glass cabinets that integrate with
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Gondola Wing Units
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