CAEM Patented Leveller
Our patented design with extension indicator removes the risk of over extension resulting in weakness

CAEM's Research and development team introduces the industry's leading store shelving leveller: improving safety for everyone!

Our patented design removes the risk of over-extension resulting in weakness. The indicator integrated on the threads warns the installer shopfitting your store, before the leveller disengages from your shop shelving.

New safer design for everyone.

CAEM has improved its already best-in-class store shelving leveller. It already featured an ultra strong alloy and a pivoting high strength compound foot touching the floor. It now features an indicator showing, during the levelling of your shop shelving, if you are over extending the threads to an dangerous level.

How does it work? It's very simple: the indicator should not be visible. 


Proceed levelling the shop shelving run in its three axis as normal. But if you notice the indicator coming out of the base/upright insert, tighten it again and make the indicator disappear.

You may have to adjust the levelling of the rest of the shop gondolas. In extreme cases, an end set might need to be added to break the gondola run.


  • Size: M10.
  • 30mm width.
  • 80mm height.
  • Compatible with TN9M25S50

*When ordering M25 and S50, the bases will come with the original levellers on. To use the patented leveller, simply remove the original, swap and return the originals.

Patent no. 4566854

Above: Store shelving Leveller incorrect with mark showing,  Store shelving Leveller correct with no mark showing.

To order CAEM Patented Levellers for your gondolas please use the codes below: 

CodeDescription Stock


Accessories Upr/Bases Leveller Foot Plastic for Upright / Bases - Patented Indicator M10 80mm


Accessories Upr/Bases Leveller Foot Plastic for Upright / Bases - Patented Indicator M10 40mm

To order levellers for your store shelving simply get in touch here and a member of our team will be in touch to clarify and confirm your order details.

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