Ardente Lighting

Easy to Install/ Adjust.

Fits any shelving system, the rotation technology  allows you to perfectly adjust light intensity.

Retrofit to your shelving.

Ardente is a universal system that can be retrofitted to any shelving system.

sales of
key items.

Studies from Germany have shown shelf lighting can result in up to a 10% sales uplift.

Features Overview

Easy to install LED lighting for Retail

Easy Installation.

With magnetic fittings, Ardente lighting is simple to install, and compatible with every metal shelving system.

LED lighting for any shelving system

Retro Fitting.

Retrofitting capability to adapt to existing shelving, choose Ardente and fit it on your metal shelving, whichever brand it is.

Adjustable LED lighting

Tube Rotation Technology.

Ardente LED tubes can be adjusted to offer the maximum illumination on your products.

Safe sealed power transformers for LED lighting

Sealed Transformers

Ardente is available with enclosed transformers for enhanced safety.

Long life LED tubes for retail

Long Life

Ardente LED tubes are fitted with Aluminium Heat spreaders to prolong life. Ardente is designed to last longer and keep your energy costs down.

Easily expanded LED lighting for retail

Easily Expand.

Ardente has a range of different capacity transformers to cope with any size install.

How it works...

LED shelf lighting for retailers

Ardente is the perfect product for highlighting your high margin items, and for driving sales. For more information get in touch with us. You can also download the latest brochure and see installation videos on our downloads page.

Shelf Organisers
Universal dividers help separate your items for more effective display.