MediDrawer Medical and Pharmacy Drawers
Perfect storage for your Pharmacy or Dispensary

CAEM specialises in a number of key markets, one of which is pharmacy. pharmacy back of house is often required, not only to hold thousands of different items, but also hold them in an organised and easy to access way.

The CAEM MediDrawer system acts as both a stand alone product and a component of CAEM's D25 pharmacy shelving range. Medidrawer makes it simple to build a large bank of drawer storage or combine elements to give you the counter solution you need. Complete with chemist drawers, shelving and even counter lighting and power.

The shelving solutions can be combined at different angles to improve item visibility, lock out when open and are spring loaded to aid in their return to the unit. With a large capacity the system allows for the organisation of large numbers of items, with a simple to use divider system. The drawers are also available with opaque or transparent fronts for privacy.

The perfect addition to any pharmacy or general retail environment, different colours can be ordered to match existing shelving or your brand. Why not match your back off house to your store shelving?

If you would like to see more on this solution or you have a particular requirement then talk to a member of the sales team via our contact page. Or call us on 01782 794500.


460#A00830PPPC TN9 MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=8cm L=30cm P=ppp cm 
460#A00840PPPC TN9 MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=8cm L=40cm P=ppp cm
460#A00850PPPC TN9 MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=8cm L=50cm P=ppp cm
460#A01530PPPC MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=15cm L=50cm P=ppp cm
460#A01540PPPC MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=15cm L=50cm P=ppp cm
460#A01550PPPC MediDrawer for Pharmacy H=15cm L=50cm P=ppp cm

Pitches we do 65cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm (ppp)


460#M00830PPPC  MediDrawer M25 (incl. Riser) H=8 L=30 P=ppp cm
460#M00840PPPC  MediDrawer M25 (incl. Riser) H=8 L=40 P=ppp cm
460#M00850PPPC  MediDrawer M25 (incl. Riser) H=8 L=50 P=ppp cm
460#M01530PPPC   MediDrawer M25 H=15cm L=30cm P=ppp cm
460#M01540PPPC   MediDrawer M25 H=15cm L=40cm P=ppp cm
460#M01550PPPC   MediDrawer M25 H=15cm L=50cm P=ppp cm

Pitches we do 66cm, 80cm, 100cm (ppp)

For more information on our MediDrawer get in touch here and a member of our team will get back to you.

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