Baseless EPU
Add substantial merchandising space to your store shelving without eating up your floor space.

Our revolutionary baseless EPU solution extends the merchandising space within your store while avoiding a dramatic increase in the footprint of your shop gondolas. By baseless we refer to the ability to 'float' in space without the need for a structural base. It is of course possible to add a base shelf if required.

Compatible with our M25 store shelving solution these end units are available as part of an initial order or can be retro fitted by your shopfitting partner to your existing M25 store shelving. *Additional strengthening is required.

The baseless EPU is compatible with both front and central back panels, and can be fitted with other rear panels such as perforated back panels for the installation of hooks.

Like many of CAEM's store shelving accessories it can be powder coated to match your existing units, or in a colour to complement them. 

To find out more about our baseless EPU units for the
M25 shop shelving solution, get in touch here.

Reversa Shelves
Clever, convertible pharmacy shelving solution.