Rotherham General Hospital Pharmacy Chooses CAEM'sD25 Modular Drawers.

About the Client

Rotherham General Hospital in South Yorkshire, England is operated by the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. The trust is both modern and progressive, with a reputation for clinical excellence and efficiency. It provides a wide range of health services to the people of Rotherham and to an increasing number of patients from further afield.


In 2022 the trust were looking for suppliers to support the modernisation of the hospital pharmacy. This fitout would include not only furniture, but new IT infrastructure and robots to modernise the pharmacy function, increase its capacity and bring it up to the standard required of this cutting edge hospital.

The purchasing team at the hospital were set the challenge of finding companies that could fulfil the various aspects of the project. When the team looked for pharmacy furniture they selected three potential suppliers, but after deliberation CAEM was chosen due to it’s wide range, flexibility and adaptability to their requirements. CAEM supplied the pharmacy furniture, drawers and storage.

Pharmacy Business Manager Kieren Bradshaw said “We looked at our options and a few different suppliers, but CAEM’s D25 and M25 solutions gave us the flexibility we needed to maximise the space we had within the pharmacy, and they worked well with the other aspects we installed such as the robots”. He continued... “The fact that the D25 pharmacy range works on the M25 shelving backbone was a bonus as it gave us continuity of design across the pharmacy space.”

The Project

The pharmacy fitout involved both the hospital’s pharmacy team and a team of fitters. It included drugs storage areas, drawer units, computer terminals and worktops.

Installing the D25 sytem was simple. Being based on the CAEM M25 shop shelving solution meant that building the units was a straight forward process. The internal hospital team quickly built out the pharmacy and modified the units to accept the monitors and PC units. The robust nature of the system allowed the hospital team to hang monitors and other elements off the structure without worry. Space behind the back panels allowed for hidden cable routing.

Below are images of the Build in Process.

Kieren Bradshaw continued: 

“The installation of the units was simple. 

The modular nature of the D25 allowed us to install the configurations we needed for each area of the Pharmacy. 

Better, the modular nature of the product, and the interchangeability of the components meant we could flex the install as we went along, and tweak each area to maximise the space and functionality.”


"D25 allowed us to install the configurations we needed"


"we could flex the install as we went along"


"maximise the space and the functionality"

The Result

The resulting Pharmacy fit-out has brought the Rotherham Hospital pharmacy up to date, with masses of storage, robots and terminals across the space.

The units and robots were installed over July 2022 with the pharmacy fully operational by the end of August. The installed solutions were:

M25 shelving: Used to build robust storage for the dispensary. This high capacity shelving is designed to be strong yet space saving. Aiding pharmacies and dispensaries in maximising the their back of house storage.

The pharmacy boasts a huge number of terminals. allowing for team members to monitor orders, access patient details and send instructions to the robots. Computers and screens are attached to monitor arms, and to the back panels on the D25 units. Under the worktops, CAEM Readydrawers have been used to great effect.

These drawers are sprung to retract into the units and lock out, open when required. Readydrawers fix securely to the D25 structure. Multiple layers can be employed to quickly increase storage as required. The acrylic fronts are opaque providing privacy to scripts, and are easy to clean. The drawers can also be supplied with a flexible range of dividers.

D25 Floor drawers have been installed to further increase the storage under the units. These drawers are available in multiple sizes and operate on casters. They allow the pharmacy even more storage without the need to bend and operate the spring loaded. They also have a range of dividers available, and are also interchangeable allowing units to be moved around as required.

Operational areas were also built up using M25 shelving and wooden aspects. In this case (right) printing facilities for the network, storage and refrigeration.

Kieren Bradshaw concluded: 

“The final result was exactly what the hospital required. The capacity of the pharmacy has been increased exponentially, with the extra terminals providing the potential to deal with more patients as the hospital requires.

While the pharmacy is dealing with more patients than ever, and is required to stock more drugs than ever before, the extra storage and clever drawer units of the D25 system have kept these organised and the space clean and open without clutter.”

Exactly what required

D25 delivered what the client challenges required.

Capacity Increased Exponentially

With the flexibility of modular drawers, capacity increased.

More Patients

D25 modular drawers ultimately delivers on the business goals: deal with more patients!

D25 Modular Drawers 

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