Italian Specialist Pet Store Implements CAEM

About The Client

Fortesan was specialist a chain of pet stores based in Italy. The business stocked thousands of merchandised lines within its stores including ranges of specialist foods and supplements combined with accessories, care and hygiene products.

The business aimed to provide these products at great prices, together with specialist knowledge to its customers. The ranges stocked by Fortesan included a huge range of items for traditional domestic pets together with more exotic pets, poultry and equine. Other examples of pet stores using CAEM include: Animal Factory and Naylor's Equestrian

The Project

The Fortesan team wanted to implement shelving within their stores that, not only reflected the Fortesan brand but would also would cope with the huge range of merchandise offered by their stores.

The chosen solution needed to be modular with elements easy to reconfigure as offers and ranges changed. And shelving system needed to be robust to deal with heavy or bulky items, include implement end units for promotions and allow for the switch between hanging items and shelving (and combinations of these) quickly.

The Solution

The CAEM team embraced the challenge, working closely with the Fortesan team team to understand their needs.

After looking at the range of systems provided by CAEM Fortesan settled on the time tested and robust TN9 shelving system. Stripping was provided in blue and shelving accented in Yellow to match the brand colours and the look and feel required.

Combinations of wall and gondola units were provided with interchangeable solid and perforated back panels to allow the teams to quickly move between shelves, hangers or combinations to suits their changing inventory and offers. Canopies on wall bays add atmosphere whilst strong bases can be used to stack large food bags or other heavy items.

The Fortesan stores now reflect the company brand and present the huge range of differing items in an attractive and easy to navigate format.

Key Points:

  • Encompasses a range of shelving configuration to fit differing portfolio.
  • Simple to reconfigure.
  • Shelving and stripping provided in brand colours.
  • Long lasting powder coated finish.
  • Canopies to add atmosphere.
  • Strong bases allow for shelves to be removed and items stacked securely.

This project used our time tested TN9 system and bespoke options. To find out more get in touch.

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