Health and Beauty Store Re-Fits with CAEM

About The Client - Health and Beauty

The client is a large scale retailer of health, beauty and household essentials. It has an impressive portfolio of well over a hundred stores located across the UK and online.

The business stocks a huge cross section of products, across a range of price points. From fragrances and make-up products through to household essentials such as soaps, shampoo and bath accessories.

The Project

With a exceptional range of products the client was looking for a selection of retail shelving options that would allow them to effectively and attractively display each one to maximise visibility and ultimately sales. These would include blister packs on hangers, regular boxes, items that required angled shelving and bins for smaller products.

They required a combination of shop gondolas and floor to ceiling wall shelving units capable of holding huge numbers of items. The system implemented would also need to adhere to brand colours and designs with a crisp modern look. Additionally systems needed to be flexible to the ever changing stock items.

The Solution

With over half a century in the retail shelving industry CAEM shelving is the perfect choice for health and beauty products.

The images below demonstrate the solution fitted to the Manchester store. This includes the installation of the CAEM modular TN9 shop shelving, combined with a range of acrylic accents and containers.

The TN9 shelving units are arranged as both shop gondola and wall units allowing for the storage of a wide selection of items. The shelves themselves are both flat and angled as dictated by the products on display (and adjustable). Sloped shelves feature acrylic edging to ensure products are visible but don't slide off.

End units even feature clear tops to maximise the view of products. They also have integrated panels on the sides for large advertising as required.

At a no cost option, CAEM was able to supply the shelves and accents in different colours, White and Black which complements the flooring and looks amazing under the installed lighting solution. Get in touch for more information.

Key Points:

  • Uses CAEM TN9 integrated modular shelving
  • Encompasses a range of designs to fit differing portfolio
  • Small POS does not encroach on merchandise space
  • Improved visibility of products
  • Long lasting powder coated finish
  • A selection of colours and materials complement the company brand

This project uses our time tested TN9 system. To find out more get in touch. See CAEM formats for Beauty  

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