Australian Pharmacy Superchem implements CAEM Pharmacy Shelving and Storage Drawers

About The Client - SuperChem Pharmacy

After a long history in the pharmacy industry the SuperChem Pharmacy brand was launched by Pharmacist Ernie Pirone in the early 1990's. Ernie aimed to provide local communities not only with the best medical advice but also affordable healthcare.

Initially starting out in Perth, SuperChem has become a trusted and respected pharmacy brand in Western Australia with 12 branches.

The Project

When it came to its fit-out, SuperChem were looking for a specialist pharmacy shelving that would enhance its retail space, attract customers and guiding them to the products they desire. Additionally they needed a back of house system that would allow them to store huge amounts of product and an easy to organise system to hold prescriptions for the dispensary.

As it is a pharmacy environment all shop shelving was required to be traditional White with coloured elements, to reflect the SuperChem brand and any specific products that they wanted to highlight. 

The Solution

The shopfitting team knew that SuperChem wanted something special. So when it came to the shop shelving they chose the time tested CAEM TN9 store shelves. These are available in a huge range of colours to order at no extra cost. SuperChem chose brilliant White over Ivory, this gave a cleaner, brighter more classy look to the shop fittings that helped the products stand out. This was paired with splashes of blue to reflect the SuperChem brand. The combination matched the theme of the store and installed timber floors.

Veneered timber panels were used to further enhance the space. Allowing them to further frame the shop shelving and create points of interest. The till areas were not neglected with cupboards and desk areas built in brand colours, which complement the back of house shelving and pharmacy storage drawers.

Back of house, wall units were integrated with the CAEM MediDrawer pharmacy storage system designed specifically for pharmacy and dispensary. MediDrawers allow them to not only store a huge amount of stock with easy access, but also to store dispensary items in an organised and easy to identify manner.

CAEM are experts in pharmacy, with a huge range of custom developed concepts for the industry. If you would like more information about how we can help you to develop the perfect customer focused pharmacy environment then get in touch.

Key Points:

  • Uses CAEM TN9 integrated shelving store shelves
  • Encompasses both wall and gondola shelving units
  • Large lit areas enhance the products
  • Long lasting powder coated finish
  • Back of House CAEM MediDrawer pharmacy storage drawers
  • Pure White shelving gives a bright clean look
  • Patches of colour break up the White and reflect the brand

Take a look around.

This project uses our time tested TN9 store solutions together with drawers and D25. To find out more get in touch. For more solutions for Pharmacy see here.

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