Mobile Gondolas (on Castors)

Having worked in the manufacture of retail displays 1950s, CAEM has developed a number of solutions that revolutionised the industry, items such as our patented leveller

Often these solutions are designed and built as an answer to a customer issue, and go on to help many others. One area that was always an issue, was the static nature of retail displays once assembled. Gondola shelves were not designed to be moved, and it was hard to move them without disassembly. This made them hard to rearrange within a store environment, move for promotions or clean beneath.

The solution was the development of a retro-fit mobile gondola system. This modular solution accommodates pivoting castors which allow shelving to be relocated easily while retaining structural strength and weight bearing ability.

The combination of strengthening bars and highly capable castors can deliver easy mobility to either single promotional gondola units or even full runs of shelving.

CAEM has designed and built a number of mobile units for customers. These vary from regular shelving gondolas, to bakery shelves, and stand alone units of different designs. If you're interested in the mobilisation of your retail estate or seeing the designs we've developed for some of our clients, then get in touch

Our Fastmake team are hear to translate your ideas into reality, so If you'd like to develop something for your retail estate that you believe isn't out there in the market then try us. See our other accessories here.

Full Bay Shelving Dividers