Glass and Timber Brackets

If the plans for your retail store do not include steel shelves, then CAEM can still help you. Our shelving bracket ranges include specific models for Glass and Timber. These allow you to use CAEM's time tested robust shop shelving back bone, but give your store its own individual look and feel.

Our timber brackets come in different lengths depending upon your needs, we even have models that are combined with clothes rails. In the case of glass we have larger depth models to ensure structural strength, but also minimal sized models that help you to achieve the look of floating glass shelves. Thinking Glass? Then why not consider lighting...

CAEM has been developing store concepts since 1950's. Talk to us about your ideas  and aspirations as we probably have a solution to fit your needs. If we don't then our in house development and manufacturing teams and facilities can help to make your dreams a reality!

For more detail on your options, get in touch here. Discover other accessories here.

Timber Complements