TN9 Wire Shelves
TN9 Wire adds a touch of class to your shelving.

Add a touch of class to your shelving with TN9 Wire.

TN9 wire shelving provides a different approach to traditional flat shelving.  The light weight appearance and open view through the shelves disguises the extreme strength of the system. Wire allows light to permeate down through the shelves displaying items more effectively and increasing the visibility down to lower shelves. The integrated edges ensure that items do not slide off, and accessories such as the wire risers stop this further. 

Hinged EPOS allows you to pack more shelves in, increasing merchandise space. The system is also available in our range of 30 colours and different finishes.


  • Add a continental look to the store
  • Improve facing merchandising (there won't be that big plastic thing across every single shelf!)
  • When a shelf get less crowded, the products below are visible (and not the metal of an empty shelf)
  • Dirt just falls through
  • Stand out from your competition


  • In stock for TN9 100cm and 120cm
  • One depth 37.5cm (use them above a 40cm base)
  • Two wire shelves next to each other deliver a continuous line of merchandising (the uniquely profiled bracket disappears behind the shelf)
  • Available in any colour - ANTHRACITE recommended

You can read more on how Home Bargains has implemented wire shelving across its stores here

Below are images of TN9 Wire in use in Home Bargains (UK)

To order wire shelving please use the codes below:

CodeDescription Stock
9PHB013#37100C TN9 Wire Shelf L=37cm P=100cmYes
9PHB013#37120C TN9 Wire Shelf L=37cm P=120cm Yes
142HB#3235CTN9 Bracket for Wire 3 Hooks, 2 Positions L=37.5cmYes
9PHB1913#004100Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=4cm P=100cm Enquire.
9PHB1913#004120Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=4cm P=120cm Yes
9PHB1913#008100Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=8cm P=100cmYes
9PHB1913#008120Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=8cm P=120cmYes
9PHB1913#015100Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=15cm P=100cm Yes
9PHB1913#015120Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Riser H=15cm P=120cm Yes
9PHB1902#00437Z9997 TN9 Wire Shelf Divider H=4cm L=37cm Zync Yes
146#Z008SELFClip on Wire epos P=08cm Clear PVC PL100Enquire.

For more information or to order wire as part of your TN9 order get in touch here and a member of our team will
be in touch to discuss.

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