CAEM continues environmental focus into 2024

If you have been following CAEM over the past 4-5 years, you'll know that the business and its teams take the reduction of our environmental impact very seriously.

Each year we look closely at the 
Carbon output of our operations, as well as that of our suppliers and customers. We then examine the best ways to reduce this, and how we can support schemes that both offset carbon and support renewable energy projects, the protection of natural resources, wildlife and rain forests.

For the third year, CAEM has invested in schemes with Carbon Footprint. These we believe provide a good balance, providing both immediate impact, and investment in the future of the planet. See what we did last year.

All our projects are registered with the correct bodies and to the correct standards such as The Verified Carbon Standard.

This year we have supported the following projects:

Reforestation Of Degraded Land By MTPL In India

The project involves carbon sequestration of degraded lands through reforestation activities. Many discrete parcels of degraded land that are owned by small and poor farmers/ tribal who do not have the capability of plantation without any external financial support. The project encompasses 12,437 parcels of land measuring 14,969.46 hectares owned by 12,002 farmers distributed in seven districts across three states Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Renewable Solar Power Project by Adani Green Energy Limited

The purpose of this project activity is to generate clean form of electricity through renewable solar energy sources. The project has a total capacity of 990 MW solar power which is installed across multiple sites in Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh states of India.

Freedom Flight Prize - Sponsorship Donation to Prize Fund

We have donated toward the Freedom Flight Prize, that challenges organisations to develop a commercially viable passenger aircraft that uses 100% renewable energy.

Planting Trees in the UK

Planting trees is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. By ensuring that the trees planted are native broad leaf species you can help to preserve the UK's environment and biodiversity. 

Planting takes place in school locations and other biodiversity sites. All trees are high quality cell grown 'whips' (year old saplings).  If you are looking for trees to enhance your environment, then visit the above link and apply for your trees. 

Further Activity

In addition to our continued support of these projects, we also frequently examine our manufacturing facilities and processes to ensure that these are making as little impact as possible and waste produced is kept to a minimum. See more on the video below, or see our ESG page.


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