CAEM continues its environmental commitments for 2023

As you may be aware, CAEM's teams are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Each year we examine our Carbon output and that of our suppliers and customers. We then investigate the best schemes to not only to offset our carbon output, but also support renewable energy projects, and those that ensure the ongoing protection of natural resources, wildlife and our rain forests.

For the second year, in 2023 CAEM has invested in schemes with Carbon Footprint. These schemes we believe provide a good balance of investments that will not only provide immediate impact, but are investments for the future of the planet. 

All our projects are registered with the correct bodies and to the correct standards such as The Verified Carbon Standard.

This year we have supported the following projects:

Pacajai REDD+ Project (VCS981)

The project area takes part in the Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. The Amazon is known for its amazing biodiversity; containing 10% of all species. The rainforest is home to some endangered species that rely on it for their survival.

This project is working to prevent unplanned deforestation in native forests, which has occurred due to logging, squatting and attempts to implement pastures. The project is expected to avoid over 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions over a 40-year period. This will be achieved by managing the land in the form of a "private conservation reserve", through rigorous monitoring and enforcement. From 2012 the project has scaled-up its monitoring activities by employing and properly training local villagers for monitoring and enforcement activities.

Kariba REDD+ Project (VCS902)

The Kariba REDD+ Project will generate approximately 196,500,000 carbon credits from reduced emissions associated with deforestation over 30 years. The reduction in deforestation “will be achieved through a series of activities that are designed to significantly improve the livelihoods of locals, such as improved agriculture, beekeeping, fuelwood plantations and fire management. In addition, a significant share of the project’s carbon income will be invested in general activities that promote and guarantee project sustainability. The project’s Community and Project Sustainability Fund is structured to benefit whole communities, specifically the poorest members of society. The fund will be used to improve health and education in the project area with its long-term activities.

Renewable Wind Power (VCS2052)

The project involves the installation and operation of a Wind Farm. The total installed capacity of the project is 105 MW and is located at Andhra Pradesh state in India.

The project is a new facility and the electricity generated by the project will be exported to the Indian electricity grid. The project will therefore displace an equivalent amount of electricity which would have otherwise been generated by fossil fuel dominant electricity grid.

Before this project the entire electricity, delivered to the grid, would have otherwise generated by the operation of other grid-connected power plants which mainly use fossil fuels.

The project shall result in replacing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) estimated to be approximately 198,183 tCO2e per year, thereon displacing 211,554 MWh/year amount of electricity from the gird over the 10 years crediting period.

Planting UK Trees

Planting is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. By ensuring that the trees planted are native broad leaf species you can help to preserve the UK's environment and biodiversity. Planting takes place in school locations and other biodiversity sites. All trees are high quality cell grown 'whips' (year old saplings).

In addition to our continued support of these projects, we also frequently examine our manufacturing facilities and processes to ensure that these are making as little impact as possible and waste produced is kept to a minimum. See more on the video below, or see our ESG page.


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