Crewe Based Charity Chooses CAEM to Maximise its Limited Space.
A remarkable transformation into a community supermarket.

About the Client

Established in December 2017, Chance Changing Lives is a registered charity powered by volunteers. The charity aims to battle homelessness and provides support and food to the most vulnerable in the community.

Every Saturday volunteers provide hot and healthy meals to disadvantaged and homeless people of Crewe.

In October 2018 the charity opened the doors to its ‘Community Pantry’ supermarket. This provides sustainable, affordable food and household items to those struggling to make ends meet. For just £3.50 a week members can choose from a range of items up to the value of £30. Volunteers are also on hand to offer advice and support as needed.

Chance changing lives are always looking for donations of tinned food, and support. If you would like to help, then please contact them on: +44 (0)1270 211000 or

The Project:

Having found the perfect premises for their store, initially Chance received old shelving free of charge from a local Spar. By 2022 it was in need of a complete fit out to transform it into a mini supermarket. They wanted retail store shelving for the front of house and racking for the storage areas.

With a modest budget and a small premises, the Chance Changing Lives’ team wanted store shelving solutions that were dignified and visually appealing - and that would maximise the merchandising space available. In the store room areas shelving needed to be space saving, strong and safely maximise storage.

The Solution:

Chance Changing Lives approached CAEM based on their experience and large range of store solutions.

Having examined the space available, CAEM suggested two of its shelving systems. First, its time-tested TN9 shop shelving solution for the front of house. Second its Unizinc boltless steel racking for the storage areas.

The TN9 retail shelving is a highly flexible store solution that is already in use in thousands of outlets world-wide. The shop shelving is available in numerous heights and widths to adjust to any space. Additionally, it has a huge range of accessories to support the display of any merchandise.

The Unizinc boltless steel racking is flexible and available in different sizes. It can be configured as a double-sided gondola, free standing units or fixed wall-units depending upon the needs of the client.

The Result:

The TN9 supermarket shelving was provided in numerous widths and in gondola and wall bays configurations to maximise the space within their retail store. With 30 colours available at no extra cost, Chance Changing Lives chose classic ivory to keep the space light. The powder coat provides protection for the store shelves and makes them extremely hard wearing and damage resistant. 

Adjustable shelves allow for easy reconfiguration to suit its ever-changing merchandise. The timber accents and end panels provide a visually appealing, clean look. Additions such as the custom Green and Red EPOS strips break up the space and give it a touch of colour, they also allow for colour coding instead of prices at this Community Pantry.

The implementation of Unizinc in the storage areas allows the team at Chance Changing Lives to store huge amounts of stock in their restricted back of house space. The folded steel uprights and strong shelves give them the confidence to store even the heaviest items without fear.

Key Points:

Retail Areas

  • Front of house TN9 store shelving maximises the available space.
  • Visually appealing clean, crisp look.
  • Hard wearing powder coating.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Highly Configurable.
Back of House

  • High-capacity Unizinc boltless steel racking.
  • Maximises storage space.
  • Strong store shelving for even the heaviest of items.

If you would like to find out more about Chance Changing Lives or find out how you can support their amazing work then visit their website


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