For Checkoutless Stores.

Thanks to load cells and an advanced software,

Sense_Shelf is 'Product Aware' and 
detects products movements.


Integrate Sense_Shelf to build frictionless shopping environments

Shrinkage Reduction

Trigger alerts as soon as valuable products are picked in bulk from the shelf.

Behavioural Data

Engage FMCG brands and feed them with data: how often a product is picked and put back on the shelf?

Marketing Content

FMCG brands can stream a video about a specific product once it's picked form the shelf: increase sales and enhance cross selling.

Stock Awareness

Check if stock appearing on the system is actually on the shelves.


To build shops where the consumer walks in, pick up the goods and walks out


A shelf with weigh cells and electronics that is "product_aware"


Appoint a System Integrator, the hardware is ready with Sense_Shelf


Sense Shelves, in connection to a planogram software, are aware of the products being hold and their movements.

All the Technology

CAEM manufactures the shelving and delivers Sense Shelf to site ready with weighing cells, wires and micro computers.

Ready for an Integrator

Your system integrator finds the technology ready to go for their implementation with your systems.

Sense_Shelf Overview:


Sense_Shelf LIDAR Integration:


The Journey To Going Checkoutless

Discover CAEM's 

Assess CAEM's capability of delivering the integrated technology hardware

Appoint the System Integrator

To achieve a checkout-less store, you'll need a system integrator to make our technology work with your systems

Define the lines to 
be sold

Depending on your checkoutless store model, location, demographics but also on the computing power, the products for sales need defining

Set up a mock shop

Before a full store, try the technology for internal demo within your business

Open the Checkoutless stores

Once the model is fully proven, a project plan can be put together to go live with checkoutless stores open to consumers.


Shelving System of your choice.


Technology in full checkoutless stores


Tech Delivered within the Sense_Shelf

Sense_Shelf is available in your 
company colours

Are you looking for more information? Do you need a demo? If you're looking to implement Checkoutless stores as part of your estate? Then get in touch.

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