Nebuliser Units

CAEM Nebuliser options are a clever way to enhance your retail store. CAEM nebulisers prolong product life, draw customers to your displays and save wastage. 

The CAEM nebuliser units can be added to your fruit and vegetable displays to not only form a focal point in your display, but help to preserve the freshness, taste and organoleptic qualities of your fruits and vegetables. This technology allows goods that perish quickly to retain their quality and shelf life without packaging, which in turn leads to reduced waste.

Below, Andrea Magrini our UK Managing director demonstrates how these units work.


Key points:

• Keeps produce fresher for longer - Creates the ideal humidity for your produce thanks to an extremely fine water fog.  The micro droplets won't wet produce.

• Hygienic - Encompasses a special filtration and cleaning system in compliance with current regulations:
  > UV Light 
  > Filtration (5 and 25 micron)
  > Charcoal
  > Reverse osmosis
  > Thermal shock

• An economic and ecological system - Low energy consumption and silent.
• Flexible - Our nebulisation technology adapts to your shelf or room, whatever your application.
• Only uses water - No additional chemicals (no ozone, peracetic acid...)


• These units are not self powered and require a mains electrical connection.
• Units need both water and drain connections.
• Though the water is filtered, the nebuliser units require regular maintenance and filter changes. Contact us for more details.

Find out more:

If you would like to find out more about nebulisation then get in touch here.


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