L Shaped Shelf

CAEM develops a huge range of specialist shelf adaptions for a cross section of different retail store verticals. 

Often specific products need displaying in a certain way to achieve the maximum visibility, and standard flat shelves do not do them justice.

These L shaped shelf brackets were specially designed for books or flat packages which need to rest on their back to deliver the correct facing merchandising.

These L shaped brackets are manufactured in a multitude of size combinations, the most popular of which is 15cm (h) x 30cm (d), which is designed to accommodate large quantities of stock.

These L brackets are also compatible with, and can be integrated with our risers and dividers. 

To find out more about our L Shaped brackets (or anything else) get in touch here. If you are looking for options around magazine display then take a look at our PETG Newspaper, Magazine and Snack Displays.

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