CAEM Renews it's Carbon offsetting for 2021

Again for 2021 CAEM will be working with Forest Carbon to plant trees and offset its Carbon, that of its teams and customers. This will involve the planting of a further 3000 + trees across Forest Carbon sites the UK. 

Andy Magrini, MD of CAEM introduces our Forest Carbon site in Cumbria:


Steve Prior discusses how Forest Carbon and projects such as Jack's Wood Work:


Andy Whitworth discusses Jack's Wood, the first project supported by CAEM.:


Each year CAEM examines it's Carbon output and that of it's suppliers and customers. We then look at the best options for offsetting this, and getting as close to net zero as possible.

*Edit: This change is one of many being undertaken by the business to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce waste. As examples: CAEM UK has recently installed Solar Power and invested heavily in environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics technologies. Read more on our ESG page.

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