CAEM Offsets its Carbon and that of its staff and customers for 2020

As part of a continuous improvement programme with a focus on the environment CAEM has invested in the planting of over 3000 trees to offset not only carbon produced through its manufacturing activities, but also those of its staff, and clients.

The programme is being spearheaded by Forest Carbon. Forest Carbon leads the way in voluntary carbon woodland creation in the UK. Through the planting of over 8 million new trees in the UK (and a total of more than 10 million globally) since 2006 its partners’ projects are removing nearly 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including flood mitigation, river improvement and public access. 

Andy Magrini, MD of CAEM introduces our Forest Carbon site in Cumbria:


Steve Prior discusses how Forest Carbon and projects such as Jack's Wood Work:


Andy Whitworth discusses Jack's Wood, the first project supported by CAEM.:


*Edit: This change is one of many being undertaken by the business to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce waste. As examples: CAEM UK has recently installed Solar Power and invested heavily in environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics technologies. Read more on our ESG page.

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