Naylors Equestrian - From Renovation To Launch Within a Month

About The Client - Equestrian Focused Pet Stores

Naylors is a pet stores group specialising in high-quality equestrian products and pet supplies. It boasts a 54-year history, yet it is dedicated to delivering an innovative shopping experience to its loyal customer base.

In late 2018 Naylors acquired a 10,500 square foot warehouse in Cannock Staffordshire which drastically needed its store shelving updating.

With a combination of light products such as clothing and extremely heavy goods such as Horse Feed, Naylors required store shelving / store solutions which were flexible, compatible, whilst maximising retail merchandise performance.

The Project

Naylors were on a tight deadline to get the Cannock retail store opened. The existing store shelving was not fit for purpose and needed a complete refresh to make the store format more visually appealing while at the same time being able to support products weighing up to 20kg per unit.

The retail shelving system would need to cater for a variety of retail display types, both in the front of the store and in the warehouse. It had to match the graphite grey branding selected by Naylors designers.

Naylors also wanted wall shelving and shop gondolas, angled for a flexible layout and to increase footfall in the store.

With a combination of clothing products and extremely heavy goods such as Horse feed, Naylors required shopfittings and racking that were both flexible, compatible and also maximise retail performance.

The Solution

Several options were mooted including CAEM TN9 store shelving which had been used in one of the existing Naylors stores, but in the end, it came down to two main contenders:

M25 shop shelving, with its precision engineered ultra-low base, lending a slimline look and feel while also providing the unique pivot mechanism required to display goods at an angle.

Then Unizinc racking came to the rescue for the 20kg horse feed products and other bulky items because of its high load capacity, yet it was able to maintain the design aesthetics due to its scratch resistant Zinc finish.

The final solution was a combination of the two store solutions to create the look and feel Naylors wanted for their new retail store.

Naylors also decided to use CAEM's shopfitting service to ensure the shelving system was fitted by a team of experts with a deep understanding of the products and despite some unforeseen difficulties, they were able to react quickly and complete the project on time.

Key Points:

  • Functional, modern, stylish, aesthetic appearance achieved
  • Installed flexible & attractive store shelving system suitable for a variety of retail display types including heavy duty items
  • Unizinc store shelving provided strength & durability but an aesthetically pleasing look to the store
  • Increased merchandising with space saving M25 shelving
  • High performance M25 shop shelving system with wire and solid shelves & hanging accessories provided flexibility of displays
  • Improved visitor experience through a sleek look & feel
  • Renovations and shopfitting completed within a month, in time for the New Store launch

This project uses our flexible M25 store shelving systemUnizinc Boltless racking. and a range of accessories. To find out more get in touch.

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