TN9 Shelving System

Tried and Tested

TN9 retail shop shelving forms the perfect store solutions for thousands of retailers
around the world.


A huge range of shopfitting accessories to match your exact needs and enhance
 your store.


After decades in the retail sector our TN9 shop shelving systems are still in place and looking great!

Features Overview

Robust Shop Gondolas


Manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing facility, TN9 store solutions are built from the best materials, to the highest standards. The combination of powder coat and plasticised panels ensure resistance to damage and proven long life.

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Saves Floorspace

The TN9 uprights' design reduces the footprint of the shop gondolas, saving you valuable floor space. Its unique profile delivers a strong interlock between the profile and the back panels, without letting them protrude from the front of the upright.

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Developed in the 1950s our TN9 is popular around the world. With such a long product lifespan we have developed and enviable number of accessories and options. No matter what your retail store focus, TN9 store shelving will display your merchandise at its best. Talk to us about our popular wire shelving options.

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TN9 Retail Shelving

Tried and Tested

TN9 is CAEM's oldest store shelving system which has proven itself in thousands of retailers. Whatever your retail focus we have the shelving solution for you.

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Strong Retail Shelving System


CAEM's unique plank system consists of interlocking 15cm and 20cm store shelves. When interlocked they deliver a perfectly flat surface and high weight loading capacity.

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Pre-Coated Steel Shelving

Extra Durable Planks

If you choose TN9 in White R903, the Modular Planks and the Back Panels will be manufactured from pre-coated steel: this unique technology make them withstand decades of use - as said by our clients!

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Depths (cm)
45, 65, 100, 120
Widths (cm)
Retail Shelving Accessories

Shop Shelving Accessories

From slat panels to glass cabinets, from promo units to wire baskets. Our range of store shelving accessories include a huge number of complementary items compatible with our store solutions, together with unique standalone items for your store.

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TN9 shop shelving systems  are available in any of 15 standard colours and more

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