Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi

About The Client

Corniche Hospital has been serving the Abu Dhabi community for over 40 years. The Hospital is a leading specialist tertiary Women & New-born hospital providing specialised services to women and new-borns.

The hospital provides a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient obstetrics, gynaecology, and neonatology services, fertility services and advanced laparoscopy.

The Project

The team at Corniche Hospital were looking to fitout the dispensary within the hospital, requiring the implementation of two elements.

  1. Pharmacy Storage – They required secure, robust and reliable pharmacy storage. With a huge number of pharmaceutical and medical focused products stocked in many shapes and sizes, any storage solution needed to not just store large amounts but be flexible to the different product packages. These packages also needed to be clearly visible and allow for easy stock rotation. As the dispensary would be providing scripts to patients there also needed to be the ability to secure these and keep them private.

  2. Workspaces – The hospital team required spaces where the pharmacists and doctors could work within the pharmacy space. This needed to be large enough to allow the installation of computer equipment and allow for areas where team members can actually sit, work and package up pharmaceuticals.

The Solution

CAEM examined the space available and recommended the installation of its D25 and Medi-drawer pharmacy drawers. The implementation of these solutions maximised the use of available space, provided a clean open feel and provided the wide breadth of drugs storage and working areas they required.

For general stock, the team implemented CAEM’s standard shop shelving units with both wire edging and transparent plexiglass to keep items visible and prevent them from being knocked off. Desk areas and benches were built into the systems to allow open working spaces for their teams.

CAEM Medi-Drawer medical drawers were then used extensively throughout the pharmacy area both horizontally and angled to allow for the easy identification of their contents and simple stock rotation. These pharmacy drawers use the standard uprights allowing them to be placed under counters, on wall units or even to form large gondola style storage areas. The further addition of standard storage drawers allows for privacy and security while under unit drawers maximise what would be otherwise wasted space.

Key Points:

  • Maximises available space with a combination of gondola and wall units.
  • Hygienic. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Uses Medi-Drawer pharmacy drawers to tightly pack in product while ensuring visibility and easing stock rotation.
  • Metal dividers allow for the simple division of drawer space.
  • Provides drugs storage for a huge cross section of products.
  • Metal drawer units provide security.
  • Under unit drawers maximise otherwise wasted space.
  • Integrated desktops provide working space, without increasing footprint.

This project uses our incredibly flexible D25 pharmacy storage solution.
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