CAEM renews its commitment to Carbon offsetting with a twist

Again, for 2022 CAEM has continued its work offsetting its Carbon, that of its teams and customers.  This year however the company will be supporting Carbon Footprint in not only planting trees around the UK (for the benefit of everyone, and the environment) but also supporting the protection of the Amazon rainforests.


Find out more about Carbon Footprint in the video above.

Tree Buddying:

With this programme for every tree that we have pledged through Carbon Footprint, a tonne of carbon will also be saved through supporting the VCS Tree Buddying programme. So instead of waiting for the trees in the UK to mature (little trees offset less Carbon), emissions are immediately offset through high quality internationally verified carbon offsets. See our certificate here.

Other Initiatives:

Carbon offsetting is just one of the projects being implemented by CAEM to reduce its impact on the environment. CAEM UK has recently installed Solar Power and also invested heavily in environmentally friendly manufacturing and logistics technologies. Read more on our ESG page.

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CAEM Renews it's Carbon offsetting for 2021