CAEM Installs Solar!
CAEM has installed solar panels across its estate to reduce its impact on the environment.

During 2020, as part of our continuous improvement programme CAEM UK was renovating the roof across the warehouses in Stoke on Trent. While planning this project it was decided that it would also be the perfect time to install solar panels and offset a huge amount of the companies electricity usage. 

We're proud to announce that CAEM UK now boasts 160kW of Solar Panels across our estate.  Additionally CAEM now boasts car charging points for visitors and staff to use. 

This change is one of many being undertaken by the business to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce waste. CAEM UK has also implemented a combination of stillages and reverse logistics combined with new wrapping technology that has resulted in a 40% reduction in the plastics used. Read more on our ESG page.

Charging points: For staff and visitor use.

See our Solar Panels being installed:


For more information on efforts to reduce our environmental impact see our ESG page. If you would like to know more then get in touch.

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