The Benefits of Using High Density Shelving to Retailers.

As a retailer your primary goals are to provide a pleasant, efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, to provide a large selection of brand and product choices, to build an environment in store that entices customers to buy more and return. 

A huge part of achieving this is your choice of shelving and fixtures and the way you lay out your store. The most popular shelving choice for retailers is a 50mm pitch system, but a high density shelving solution (such as our M25 system) could be a better choice. Here are the top reasons why you should be looking at high density shelving for your store:

1. More Product Variety

Using high density shelving allows you to display more products, this in turn means you can offer a greater variety of items to your customers. With more options to choose from, customers are more likely to find something that meets their requirements, and purchase. 

2. Better Organisation

When you have more shelving space, you can organise your products more effectively and in turn make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. A well-organised store improves the customer shopping experience, and is easier to navigate, which allows customers to find what they need faster.

3. Cost Savings

If you are looking to expand your store or move to a bigger premises, then you could save money by simply making more effective use of the space you have. High density shelving more effectively takes advantage of your wall and floor space. 

And Finally...

4. More sales!

Obviously any investment in your store needs to result in one thing, more sales. With high density shelving such as CAEM's M25, it is possible to display a greater variety, but also more product. The greater variety gives the customer more choice, and more opportunity for impulse buys.  

In Conclusion

Maximising your shelving space is crucial to the success of your retail business. By providing a greater variety of products, better organisation and visibility you can create a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers while also improving your bottom line.

Many customers turn to CAEM to maximise the available space in their store (especially in smaller convenience retailers). Our compact yet robust M25 shelving can be supplied in colours and configurations to match the exact needs of your store environment. Find out more here.

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