The advantages of steel shelving over timber for pharmacies.

Selecting the right shelving and storage solutions for pharmacies is pivotal to ensuring efficiency, hygiene and safety. While timber shelving has been the traditional choice, steel shelves and storage offer numerous benefits to pharmacies:

Durable and Robust

Steel shelving is exceedingly durable and long-lasting. In contrast to timber, it does not warp or deteriorate over time (D25 pharmacy shelving is powder coated, so won't rust). This ensures reliable and stable drugs storage with little long term maintenance cost.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Maintaining a clean environment is imperative for pharmacies. Steel shelving is non-porous and simple to clean, preventing bacterial growth and mould. Its resistance to corrosion and chemicals adds an extra layer of cleanliness.

Flexible and Customisable

Timber pharmacy storage is often built specifically to fit a particular space, or built in situ. This makes it inherently inflexible. Steel shelving can be effortlessly adjusted or customised to accommodate different storage options, adapted to fit your ever changing inventory or reconfigured when you move locations or need to expand.

High Weight-Bearing Capacity

Though most of the items carried by pharmacies are small light packages, when pharmacies handle heavy items, timber can struggle (and even be dangerous). Steel shelving can safely manage substantial loads, preventing shelves from sagging or collapsing under the weight.

Fire Resistance and Safety

Steel shelving boasts higher fire resistance compared to timber, a critical factor when storing flammable pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Steel units can resist fire and help to contain it, providing more time for response and safeguarding your valuable inventory.

Stackable Metal Pharmacy Drawers Maximise Storage Space

Metal pharmacy drawers, a key feature of steel pharmacy storage solutions, are stackable. This allows pharmacies to utilise vertical space more effectively. This in turn maximises storage capacity, enabling pharmacies to stock a larger volume of pharmaceuticals and supplies within the same footprint.

Regulatory Compliance

Pharmacies must adhere to strict regulations. Steel shelving systems are designed to meet these standards, ensuring safe and compliant operations.


In British pharmacies, steel shelving surpasses timber due to its durability, hygiene, customisability, capacity and weight-bearing capacity, fire resistance, and regulatory compliance. 

CAEM's D25 pharmacy solutions are in use by hospitals and high street pharmacies around the world. Find out more about this incredibly flexible system here.

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