Enhancing Retail Displays: The Impact of Colour

Within retail stores, understanding the psychology of customers is paramount in influencing their buying decisions. While we have covered in previous articles the importance of store layouts, another critical influence on buying behaviour is that of store and display colours.

Retailers and marketing professionals have long understood the immense power that colour has in driving emotions, creating urgency and influencing purchasing decisions. Below are examples of how the strategic use of colour can significantly impact the behaviour of your customers, together with a few pointers.

Create an Emotional Connection

Warm colours like Red, Orange, and Yellow give rise to excitement and passion, while cooler colours such as Blue and Green create a sense of calm and dependability. Depending on your desired outcome, choose colours that reflect the products being displayed, and instil the desired emotional response. One common example is the use of bright Yellows and Reds to show special, or limited time offers. 

Create Attention and Focus

The use of bright and contrasting colours (such as Reds/Yellows against dark backgrounds) can create focal points within your displays, in turn drawing the shopper's eye to specific products. This increases the potential for product engagement and in-turn purchase.

Encouraging Impulse Buying

The strategic use of colours can prompt quick purchasing decisions, particularly in P-O-P displays. Striking colours and visually appealing layouts tempt shoppers to make unplanned purchases. As discussed above, bright colours such as Reds and Yellows (in some stores they use Green) can draw shoppers to special offers and encourage action.

Optimised Colour Combinations

Don't assume you know what works with your audience, experiment with colour combinations. Test to find those combinations that resonate best with your customers. This way you can optimise their effect on customers and maximise their effectiveness in driving sales.

Shape Product Perception

Choose colours that drive perception of your products. Many of these are already psychologically embedded, for example: Luxury items are often associated with Blacks, Golds and Silvers, while eco-friendly products  are associated with shades of Green. Choose combinations that purvey the values you want to communicate.

Embrace Cultural Differences and Influences

Cultural conceptions of colours should also play a critical role in your choices. Understanding the potential impact of colours on different audiences can avoid potential misunderstandings and misinterpretations. See more on this here.

Finally: The Power of Colour in Retail Displays

So, in conclusion, the choice of colours you use for your retail displays goes beyond the simple look of your store. The shelving and displays you choose, combined with their colours directly impacts both the behaviour and purchasing decisions of your customers.

Talk to CAEM about your options, and enhancing your retail displays. Our in-house design and manufacturing teams can offer you the perfect displays for your stores, in a range of 15 standard and 150 extended colours and finishes. 

To find out more see our shelving systems here, or get in touch here to arrange a call/meeting, or request catalogues and colour swatches.

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