CAEM Wins National Environmental Award.

CONAI is the national private non-profit Italian consortium that polices packaging producers and ensures that they are achieving recycling and recovery targets for packaging and waste. For over 20 years CONAI has served as an effective system for the recovery, recycling and valorisation of steel, aluminium, paper, wood, plastic and glass packaging materials.

Each year the Consortium awards a number of companies that have shown innovation in the treatment of waste materials to reduce the environmental impact. This year 86 companies across Italy have been singled out for special awards and this included CAEM.

All the applications were analysed through a simplified Life Cycle Assessment tool, the CONAI EcoTool ( The preventive actions implemented by the participating companies were evaluated by a before and after comparison with reference to specific indicators such as GWP (global warming potential), GER (gross energy requirement) and “blue water” (component of the water footprint indicator).

CAEM was one of those businesses identified as making the biggest efforts in reducing the environmental impact of its externalities. This was achieved via the use of more recycled materials for its packaging process and innovative logistics technology.

To give an idea of the impact that top 145 companies had achieved through their efforts, there was an impressive overall saving of 17% of CO2 emitted, a reduction in energy consumption of 27% and a water saving of 29%.

Viviana Magrini MD of CAEM ITALY said: As a manufacturing business we are aware that we operate in an area of high energy consumption. For this reason the team at CAEM are always looking for innovative and effective ways to cut and offset that consumption and reduce the effect we have on the environment.” She continues… So it is a great honour to be recognised for reducing environmental impact and in such prestigious company. It proves that we are on the right track and we’re making a difference.”

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