Pharmacy Drawers

Medicalbox is the Pharmacy Drawers high storage, high efficiency drawers cabinet for pharmacies and hospitals.

With depth of either 80cm or 115cm Medicalbox is extremely versatile. The cabinet drawer systems' high quality construction has 5 years guarantee. The drawers self close for the quickest operation of the pharmacist

medical box  medical box  

Pharmacy Drawers open effortlessly whatever the weight loaded inside it, thanks to the precise manufacturing, the unique design and the highest quality of components used.

The mesh base of the drawer guarantee a lighter drawer to be handled, transparency watching from down upwards, and inner dust to fall in the floor.

medical box medical box

Questions about Continental Drawers'?

Please view the smooth movement of a MedicalBox Pharmacy Drawers in 100depth:

These pharmacy Drawers are available in single or double height. Our suggested configuration is one double drawer at the bottom, and two double drawers at the top.

medical box medical box medical box medical box

All our cabinets comes with a full set of dividers, to efficiently organise the MedicalBox.

medical box

Send us your needs, we'll work them out for you, within today:

The most recommended height is 220cm. Drawers can be deep 80cm or 115cm. The drawers width is 41.5cm,

medicalbox        medicalbox

The most popular configuration is 'V', with a double drawer at the bottom and two double drawers at the top. Please see the table below, showing how many linear meters of drawers' space is available in the 80 and in the 100 models, and also how many square meters of storage each column carries.


A wide variety of accessories is available for MedicalBox. Different front handles, colours.

medicalbox medicalbox   medicalbox

A very interesting configuration is the COMBI where the higher part of this drawers' cabinet is a single ex tractable unit with more levels. This delivers less openings and closings and gives the pharmacist a complete view at once.


Pharmacies with Pharmacy Drawers

MedicalBox is a 'tried and tested' product, with more than 30 years developments and established presence globally. Here are a few examples of fitted pharmacies.

medicalbox medicalbox medicalbox medicalbox medicalbox medicalbox

medicalbox medicalbox


Hospitals with Pharmacy Drawers

MedicalBox by CAEM used in hospital's environments:


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