PharmaCAEM 2018 for Pharmacy Shopfitting

CAEM shelving systems range now expand with PharmaCAEM 2018 for Pharmacy Shopfitting.

We offer 3 shelving systems in 30 colours, including a selection of displays designed specifically for Pharmacy.

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Entirely developed with M25 shelving in 25mm, PharmaCAEM Pharmacy Shopfitting features an incredible array of solutions, highly configurable for a higher design content yet cost effective pharmacy shopfitting.

We offer a wide range of options of shelving for pharmacy.  The PharmaCAEM pharmacy shopfitting is a complete programme of modular metal furniture for pharmacy. CAEM UK holds it in stock, and can be configured in any of 30 colours available.

PharmaCAEM is available in more than 30 colours as standard.


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Slim gondola ends integrates seamlessly with the gondola unit. Please note how the lines match perfectly, achieving a clean, aesthetically appealing result. This is modern and durable pharmacy shopfitting!


The Podium pharmacy shelf is our extremely popular special base shelf which integrates the kicker. A cleaner overall design is therefore achieved making PharmaCAEM 2018 the most advanced modular, fully metal, pharmacy shopfitting programme for the pharmacy retail sector.

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A wide range of pharmacy shelf solutions is available. Glass shelves comply with safety rule and all carry round edges.

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Thanks to CAEM experience in pharmacy shopfitting with many years of market leader position, the range of specific solution for merchandising different products is available as standard.

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For improved merchandising in the beauty section, the shelving is now avaiable in 700mm running pitch. Thanks to CAEM design, the configuration of backlit back panels and backlit signage is now completely modular.




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We offer a complete range of solutions also for the dispensary, with pullout shelves, closed drawers and drawers systems to be built within the pharmacy counter:

  • MK Box for high rotation drugs storage



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