At Caem we provide a wide range of shelving.

Our Alfa line is suitable for storing middle-light products in a warehouse and archives.



Our Beta line is made of cold galvanised sheet metal. This line is used to solve the problems connected with light storage and to build loft structures. The main characteristics of the beta line are: quick assembling, stability and capacity.



Our Gamma line is a structural jointing system, intended for pallet storing and offers a wide variety of components. It is composed by main parts and accessories.



Our Epsilon line is an integrated system for high-end professional and aesthetic solutions. It allows for a personalized and complete use of the drawers, which are inserted into a structure that highlights their dimensional and configuration potential, making it possible to integrate them with other components like shelves, removable shelves, partitions and doors.



Our Stockage system is made of sheet steel, suitable for storing small containers of water and other liquid substances. Our structure is made for easy assembling and fully prepared for floor fastening.




With our control room workstation you can monitor all steps in production, ensuring both the quality and compliance of the products.

control room