At Caem we provide a wide range of closets.

Our midi line and our basic line can be equipped with personalized interiors. Our interior accessories include shelves, drawers, tool-holder panels and cone-holder frames; and a sheet-metal or transparent door.

midi line closetMidi line                 Basic line closetBasic line



Our top line has additional options, such as closing through normal or sliding doors. Inside you can insert drawers with either faced or movable shelves.


top line closet


Our metallic closets offer a very wide range of products addressed to different users: factories, offices, schools, laboratories.

metallic closet


Our PPE closets are projected for the storage of items to be used in case of fire, such as extinguishers, first aid, coveralls etc.

ppe closet


We care about and respect nature: our ecology systems consider environmental protection as a primary issue.

ecology system


Our office furniture offers a vast range of metallic closets of varying sizes and different kinds of doors. A series of desks that satisfies the needs of a modern office.

office forniture


Whit our control room workstation you can monitor all steps in production, ensuring both the quality and compliance of the products.

control room