Closets with Drawers

At Caem we provide a wide range of closets with drawers.

Our basic line keeps the core qualities of sturdiness and practicality typical to the brand, while offering a vast range of solutions.

base line


Our midi line is designed to satisfy the requirements of versatility, sturdiness and practicality. Thus, ensuring a vast range of products are specifically created to equip different kinds of working environments and laboratories.

midi line


Our top line is designed for furnishing, storing, organizing and putting order into the most diversified kinds of workplaces, offices and academic environments, MG offers a vast range of products and solutions, both modular and integrated, which are capable of satisfying every kind of demand, from simple hobbies to the most professional and sophisticated kinds of requirement.

top line


Our chests of drawers for workbenches have always met the characteristics of sturdiness & versatility and today their range has widened because of the introduction of new models, new work tops and options.

chwsts of drawers


The electronic lock is the most innovative system for closing the drawers. Once the drawers are locked, they can be opened by the PSLOCK badge which uses a proximity system.

electronic lock


Our office furniture offers a vast range of metallic closets with drawers of varying sizes and different kinds of doors. A series of desks that satisfies the needs of a modern office.

office forniture


Our Smart line is aimed at a high-end clientele requiring a quality product with a sophisticated design. This line of products is perfectly furnished and outfits any work environment with pleasant, functional and contemporary articles.

smart line