At Caem we provide a wide range of accessories for every product.

Our Top line trolleys are an indispensable instrument for any mechanical workshop for a logical and dynamic organisation of your work place.

top trolley



Our range of trolleys and drum-holder containers offer different solutions for equipment placing in work places: garages, mechanical workshops, warehouses.

metallic trolleytrolleys

drum-holdersdrum-holder containers



Our MG line workbenches can be finished with various panels, tool-holder furniture or many other accessories.

mg line



Thanks to a vast range of accessories, structures and modular components, our Basic line workbenches are possible in a wide variety of solutions and compositions.

basic line


Thanks to our vast range of accessories, we can make multiple configurations of modular and versatile Bx & Rx Workbenches. They can be equipped with drawers and compartments, and are also available in a compact version with wheels. The multilayer beech wood worktop is 35 mm thick.

midi line


Several different solutions and compositions of the BL workbenches are possible, thanks to a vast range of accessories, structures and modular components.

top line


Our office furniture offers a vast range of metallic closets of varying sizes, different kinds of doors, multiple configurations of desks that will satisfy the needs of any modern office with lots of other accessories.

office forniture


We offer a big variety of Tool-holder panels and equipped partition that are useful options for your work place. We offer different models, from the easiest to assemble on the back of the work bench, to hanging ones with doors, to those on a pedestal.

tool holdertool-holder panels

equipped partitionequipped partition


Our Smart line is aimed at a high-end clientele requiring a quality product with a sophisticated design. This line of products is perfectly furnished and outfits any work environment with pleasant, functional and contemporary articles.

smart line


Our Stools are designed to meet the exigencies of those who must work sitting down, with both security and comfort.



To use our workbench in the best possible way, we have equipped it with a rear structure or equipped wall, which can be accessorised with a vast range of items, allowing all the equipment to be within easy reach of your workers.

equipped system


Our anti-slip carpets are designed to be placed near machines which are prone to producing oily substances.