CAEM UK partners with a major Uk retailers in the development of their Homeware format.

Over the years, CAEM UK has worked together with the client and design house to improve the shoppping experience for homeware.

The shopping environment has evolved, making the entire experience more interesting and amusing, since homeware shoppers are mostly female, a lot of thinking has gone into it, as far as product design and displays and colours concerns.



homeware homeware

The general feeling of the homeware store has developed integrating gondola shelving with impulse table displays.

homeware homeware homeware homeware

The store is more dynamic thanks to the integration of finely tuned finishes and colours of the shelving, with modern anthracite and whites.homeware


Specific homeware solutions have been developed like gondola end side racks, in a bespoke metallic finish.

homeware homeware

The client displays large selection of carpets, CAEM UK has developed a number of custom solutions for the best display of these homeware products.

homeware homeware homeware homeware

Pictures are an important part of everyone's home, CAEM UK improved the picture gallery section with effective merchandising solutions. Tiered shelving delivers an improved solution whilst maintaining the benefit of a fully modular yet changeable solution.

homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware

Long products like curtains poles have always represented a difficulty for orderly display. CAEM UK developed tailor solutions for improved homeware shopping experience. The base shelf level is reduced to the floor thanks a specific sunken display that installs in the gondola shelving in a modular manner. Holders of different types keep the merchandise in order for a nice visual impact and an easy shopping experience.

homeware homeware homeware homeware homeware

The client bespoke stock of curtains is displayed with yet another bespoke shopfitting solution. Thanks to a developed brackets and extra strong fitting of a stainless rail, customers find easy to browse through products, whilst safety is kept at top priority with the high weight of merchandised products.

homeware homeware homeware  homeware

Furniture for homes is displayed with deep shelving, with CAEM UK loading capacity is never an issue. The combination of wall units and gondola units deliver a complete environment where many furniture solutions are found by the customers. The extra strong plasticized steel of which shelves are made, guarantee long durability of the shopfitting solution, despite furniture tends to scratch and damage the surfaces.

homeware homeware homeware

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