Cigarette Counter

CAEM UK developed the perfect solution for Cigarette Counter.

Why? We studied the market and discovered retailer waste primary merchandising space to store cigarettes. In the UK they must not be visible and cannot be advertised.


CAEM R&D finalised two technical solutions, both with a modular concept and entirely metal made, for a Cigarette Counter: storing cigarette in an efficient way inside the counter, releases the shelving behind the counter for high margin, high value merchandise.


A modular counter which revolves around our unique M25 System. The front can be configured in many ways and the back can be used to merchandise impulse products.



cigarette counter

BTC Drawers are available in several heights of 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm.

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cigarette counter

They are completely metal to guarantee long durability. They have been tested over thousands of cycles.

BTC Drawers can be locked with a key at the top.

cigarette counter

Extraction is 100% to guarantee complete access-ability to the drawers' surface.

cigarette counter

BTC Drawers for Cigarette Counter can be ordered with 'One Only Opened' safety feature:

if one drawer is open, another one can't be opened.

cigarette counter

The complete modular built of the Cigarette Counter guarantees time is saved on site. BTC Drawers come with a modular frame.

cigarette countercigarette counter

A complete range of dividers complements the BTC DRAWER solution for Cigarette Counter.

cigarette counter



CAEM's Pullout shelves are completely modular and can be supplied to fit S50 (50mm compatible shelving), TN9 and M25 Systems. It is therefore usable for retrofitting existing counters. Medidrawers' are available in height of 8cm and 15cm, and in every length and depth.

cigarette counter

The same Pullout Shelf, called Medidrawer, for Cigarette Counter, has Two positions, can be installed and changed between either Horizontal or Inclined.

cigarette counter

Medidrawer for Cigarette Counter extracts 100% for complete accessibility to the drawers' surface. It features both lock-in and lock-out positions, and they are unlocked easily by pressing the handle underneath. There is also a recall system that pulls back the pullout shelf to the closed position.

A complete range of dividers is available, they intersect in orthogonal way.

cigarette counter

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