CAEM UK 360 VR Tour

Welcome to CAEM UK 360 VR Tour, the immersive way to visit us from your desk, your phone.

You can visit our showroom, featuring

  • M25, with central back panels
  • S50, the compatible 50mm sheving system
  • TN9, the most comprehensive shopfitting system

You can then press the play button and you will be taken to a virtual tour of our offices.

The show reel at the bottom of the page shows pictures of:

  • CAEM UK building
  • Our in house powder coating line
  • Rollformers for shelves and back panels manufacturing
  • Warehouse with Storage operated with state of the art WMS Software

Feel free to ask us a quotation to retrofit your existing store: you will be surprised how quick your ROI will be!

Our extensive offer includes flexible TN9 system, S50 our high quality 50mm compatible system and the new M25 and M25 wire systems which incorporate our unique central back panel, offering retailers additional merchandising space, enhanced by our Design Department and Retail Services, CAEM UK is projecting strong growth.

CAEM UK Showroom, Offices, Manufacturing 2018 | Talke, UK


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In the showroom we display the 4 shelving systems we stock:

  • M25, the 25mm shelving
  • S50, the compatible 50mm shelving
  • TN9, our most comprehensive gondola shelving system
  • Unizinc, the longspan for back of house storage
  • Ardente, the modular shelf lighting system that increases retail sales 5 folds!

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caem uk

caem uk

CAEM UK manufactures modular shelves and back panels for gondola shelving systems. Our highly automated rollformers guarantees a very high output so our service remains unrivalled.

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Shelves and Back Panels are manufactured from Plasticised Coated steel, this guarantees a longer life of our shelving systems. A powder coating process normally aims at 80 microns of cover, Plasticised steel has 160 microns of cover. Our costumers retailers highly appreciate this technology, with stores older than 10 years still in good conditions.

We stock Plasticised steel in 4 different finished: White, Grey 9007, Ivory, Anthracite.

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We operate a state of the art powder coating plant. We manufacture and stock shelving in raw and thanks to the painting plant we can offer 30 colours for gondola shelving!

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Our storage facility exceeds 3000 pallets spaces. We use a WMS Warehouse Management System so every location stock quantity is live in our system. This increases the quality of our service.

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caem uk


Service is the incredible difference CAEM UK has to offer to the shopfitting industry in the UK. Be it Product Development, Recycling Service, Rollout Supply with coordination between store requirements and replenishment, our Team is fully committed to deliver what you need.

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Thank to our global presence and many years in business, we are able to maximize our expertise from different retail sectors. This generates real value for our retailers, as they can tap onto our cross-sector knowledge, design approach, manufacturing knowledge.


magrini uk ltd t/a caem uk unit 3 jamage industrial estate st7 1xw talke stoke on trent Uk


When launching its first Modular Shelving System in the early 60’s, CAEM already followed the principles of quality and modularity, both keys to our long term success. Our current TN9 System is still modular with the original design, giving a guarantee to customers across the globe of continued product availability at any time. It is our strong belief that a well engineered product needs matching with a solid business structure for real long term customer service.

TN9 Shelving today includes countless accessories and configurations, making it ideal to adapt to the new challenges of growing retailers. TN9 is used today in many countries around the World in the most different sectors such as Food Stores, Homeware, Pharmacy, DIY.

The expansion of CAEM is the result of rapid product development that brought about the creation of a further four main shelving system structures offering improved floor space use, more effective merchandising, compatibility for those retailers targeting the CAEM service but supplied elsewhere before.

Our S50 System is compatible with 50mm pitch shelving widely available in some areas of the world. CAEM’s value added offer of product development and services has improved its potential for many customers

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