Ardente Led Shelf Lighting

CAEM developed a unique solution to enhance merchandising and increase retail sales: the Ardente Led Shelf Lighting.

ardente shelf lighting ardente shelf lighting

With the retailer in mind, Ardente delivers unique advantages:

- Led Shelf Lighting that Works in Any Shelving System

- Ideal for Retrofitting

- LED tubes have built-in Diffuser, to avoid glare

- Tubes can be rotated, oriented

- Take Off Cables are Magnetic for very easy shelf adjustments

- Take off Cables have a built-in magnet to remain tidy under the shelf

- Transformers are Branded for reliability and durability

- Whatever the Wattage, all our Transformers are world-class branded and come encapsulated for safety


Ardente is in stock at CAEM UK, our pricing is very competitive, contact us:

Ardente is extremely easy to configure and set up:

  1. every transformer comes with complete encapsulation for safety. The larger transformers allow up to 3 take off multiplugs. The smaller transformers allow for 1 take off multiplug.
  2. after the transformer there is a 4-way plug to which 4 cables can be connected, just plug in
  3. there is an optional 3000mm cable extension, plug in
  4. the cable power feed plugs in from the power source then with a magnet sticks to the gondola shelving back panel and gives power to the vertical track
  5. the vertical power track is 'ultra thin' and can be installed in any shelving system. No need to worry about the space between the rear of a the shelves and the back panels. The track is 1500mm
  6. If 1500mm is not enough, there is a 'double magnet' to bring the power from a track to another above. The above track can be cut anywhere
  7. the 'take-off' power plug is magnetic with the vertical track and has a an easy plug in ready to power the led tube. The cable has magnets built it, so they can 'stick' to the underside of the shelf and remain tidy, not visible from the consumer
  8. the led tube is positioned under the shelf thanks to magnetic clips. The tube can be rotated. It is important to note the 'led dots' are not visible thanks to the tube diffusers, so there is no glare and products are better illuminated

ardente lighting system

In Ardente, the take-off power plug is magnetic hence incredible easy to be unplugged and re plugged in, i.e. when adjusting a shelf height.

ardente shelf lighting

We developed the Power Take-Off Wire to have a built in magnet, so the wire remains in order by sticking to the Bracket or the Shelf. Not visible by the consumer.

ardente shelf lighting  ardente shelf lighting

Ardente Led Shelf Lighting delivers a dramatic difference to the retailers' performance. It is common knowledge that lit up shelves sells 5 times more.

ardente shelf lighting


ARDENTE is in stock at CAEM UK. Click here to view our LIVE STOCK for immediate delivery!!!

Feel free to ask us a quotation to retrofit your existing store: you will be surprised how quick your ROI will be!