Ardente Led Shelf Lighting

Ardente Shelf Lighting:

Because great products deserve extra attention.

Because when it comes to sales, great lighting matters.

Enter Aredente: The Super Hero

You have spent time and taken great effort to ensure your store is an inviting environment for customers.

A place that is maximising your earning potential.

But you have a problem.

And that problem is light.

Using Light As A Tool For Sales

In every retail premises light can be a game changer.

Because whether we like it or not, every retail store relies on artificial lighting.

As human beings light is key to how we make our decisions and is inbuilt into us at a primal level.

We use light to show us the way.

We use light to guide us to what matters.

In our minds, illumination equals importance.

And when it comes to retail stores, light can be used to maximise sales and enhance the in-store experience.

Because as humans we are drawn to things that are well illuminated.

And when it comes to retail shelving, you need a lighting system that grabs attention and showcases your merchandise.

Enter Ardente: Shelf lighting designed to enhance merchandise and increase retail sales

Studies show that the use of shelf lighting can increase sales of merchandise by as much as 5 x.

And to harness the sales power of lighting CAEM created Ardente, a unique lighting system designed with the retailer in mind.

CAEM engineers have taken over 60 years of retail shelving experience to create a gondola lighting system that maximises the retailer's chances of sales.

Because after supporting over 200,000 customers we have learned what is required in retail.

We know what shoppers, retailers and shopfitters need.

And that knowledge has lead to the creation of Ardente.

A truly complete shelf lighting solution.

Ardente is the Superhero of retail shelf lighting.

A Flexible Shelf Lighting Solution For Your Retail Needs

ardente shelf lighting

The Ardente Shelf Lighting System offers a wide range of benefits:

Universal Shelf Use

No matter what shelf system you use, the Ardente system can be used.

Retrofitting Capability

Have you already fitted your shelving? No problems, the Ardente system works as a retrofitted option.

Glare Reduction

Our Gondola LED tubes have a built-in diffuser to avoid the possibility of glare. After all, we want the customer shopping experience to be a pleasant and not painful one.

Tube Rotation

For added flexibility, the tubes in our Ardente lighting solution can be rotated.

Magnetic Take off Cables

For easy adjustment, our systems have magnetic take-off cables making those straightforward and allowing you ease of use.

Branded Transformers

With Ardente we made sure that performance and safety were combined.

As such we partnered with the world-class producer of transformers ‘Meanwell’.

Regardless of the wattage, our world-class MEANWELL transformers can handle anything and come encapsulated for enhanced safety.

The transformers meet the highest UK standards of safety.

When it comes to lighting, with Ardente you are in safe hands.

How To Order Ardente Lighting Systems


Ardente Lighting is easy to order and is in stock now.

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The CAEM Promise


With over 60 years of experience in retail shelving, when you buy from CAEM you are in safe hands.

However to ensure you receive both a high-quality service and a top performing product we have developed the CAEM promise.

At the heart of the CAEM promise is our core 3 core commitments.

We promise to LISTEN to you, our customers.

We promise to ACT on the information that you give us.

And we promise that our services will have a positive IMPACT on your business.

CAEM is a family business with family values.

We believe in honesty, transparency and trust.

When you trust CAEM with your business, we will move mountains to ensure you have a product that supports your retail business and helps to boost retail sales.

Our shelving is built with performance in mind.

Engineered by experts and delivered with efficiency.

That is the CAEM difference.

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