Monthly Archives: September 2017

Pharmacy Drawers

Medicalbox is the Pharmacy Drawers high storage, high efficiency drawers cabinet for pharmacies and hospitals. With depth of either 80cm or 115cm Medicalbox is extremely versatile. The cabinet drawer systems' high quality construction has 5 years guarantee. The drawers self close for the quickest operation of the pharmacist      Pharmacy Drawers open effortlessly whatever the weight…
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CAEM UK partners with a major Uk retailers in the development of their Homeware format. Over the years, CAEM UK has worked together with the client and design house to improve the shoppping experience for homeware. The shopping environment has evolved, making the entire experience more interesting and amusing, since homeware shoppers are mostly female,…
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Caem presents a European bakery display, with added features enhancing sales and hygiene. Our bakery display system is not just oriented to an exclusive design approach. On top of that, there is a self service buying process delivering several advantage.  A buying experience that generates the most profitable Customer Experience, thanks to CAEM bakery display. Our Self-service…
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