Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting

At Caem we design and implement Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting as newer shopfitting solutions continuously. After being submitted the task of creating a flexible display solution for the merchandising of chandeliers, hanging lights, ceiling lights, pendants and flush lights from a major retailers, we finalized an effective solution that blends seamlessly in the houseware retail environment.


The display is a space frame, a pergola that defines the volume above the gondola shelving and offers total flexibility for hanging light fixtures. The beams have a built-in low voltage rails for quick assembling of newer light models by the retailer.


  • the beams run across the gondola units, with length of up to 6 meters (18 feet)
  • cross beams align perfectly for a nice visual from underneath
  • same components can be used for any combination of overall length and width of the retail space
  • integrated seamlessly with gondola shelving
  • Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting

Contact us for more mailto: information@caem.co.uk

hanging-lights-display-shpofitting-1_04-10-2016 hanging-lights-display-shpofitting-2_04-10-2016

This overhead structure for Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting can be implemented in any retail environment, whichever shelving system is the retailer using. Whether it's 50mm shelving or 25mm shelving, american type or bespoke, our pergola solution for hanging lights display does not require the installation of new columns, obstructing the customers shopping experience.

hanging-lights-display-shpofitting-3_04-10-2016 hanging lights display

Please contact Caem Shopfitting for your tailored solution: you will benefit from a global experience in retail store fixtures and this modular design for a flexible, economical, ultra effective display of lights valuable goods. This example of Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting describes a success story.


Our shelving systems, featuring 40mm, 50mm, 25mm, and 1inch notched uprights can be the optimal starting point for your shopfitting needs. However, this overhead hanging structure for Hanging Lights and Chandeliers Display Shopfitting can be installed in the current retailer environment.

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  1. Andy
    Our pergola display for hanging lights was reviewed by FixturesCloseUp https://fixturescloseup.com/, the most popular blogger as far as shopfitting and store fixtures concern! check it out here https://fixturescloseup.com/2016/10/06/euro-design-modular-pergola-retrofits-all-gondola-types/

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