DIY stores, want female customers?

At Caem we develop new solutions all the times. With DIY stores in mind we aimed at improving store efficiency but with the important mission of attracting female customers.


We came up with a range of shelving systems capable of:

  • integrate gondola shelving with light racking
  • deliver high efficiency merchandising with stock facility, in the same floorspace
  • improve the overall aesthetic of the store
  • finalize a strong and robust solution without the typical industrial look & feel of racking normally seen in DIY stores

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20160908-b50-integrated-racking-s50-merchant-builder-42   20160908-b50-integrated-racking-s50-merchant-builder-32

20160908-b50-integrated-racking-s50-merchant-builder-9  20160908-b50-integrated-racking-s50-merchant-builder-11



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