Books, DVD and CD Display for Shopfitting

At Caem we manufacture diverse shopfitting solutions all built within our modular shelving systems.  Books and DVD's represent today a high margin product for retailers and we work to improve their merchandising.

With the possibility of retrofitting existing store whichever the shelving system they use, we designed a large variety of options, depending on whether the priority is 'high stock' or 'more facing'.

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A Books and DVDs display can be achieved by using flat shelves at an inclined position or with specific shelves, called 'pockets', with tiered brackets that will contain the merchandise.

Please visit our CAEM PROMO Gallery to see bookstores we've fitted.

copia-di-immagine-001_05-10-2016 dsc01245_05-10-2016


A 'zig zag' divider that sits in a "L shaped" shelf, delivers perfect merchandising, by delivering facing to both the side of the book and the front of the book.




dscn3690_05-10-2016  forbuoys04_05-10-2016 hpim1592_05-10-2016 img01217_05-10-2016

Using an acrylic divider, designed specifically for Caem modular shelving, delivers a clean and organized merchandising



A 'backrest' books and magazine holder is the perfect solution for allowing easier browsing. In the picture it is in conjunction with a slim gondola promo endp5230046_05-10-2016


p5230063_05-10-2016OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




DVD's can be merchandised with very popular "L shaped shelves"stationery-office-supply-bookstore-libreria-libri-1_05-10-2016royal-air-force-museum-cosford-uk-tn9-8_05-10-2016


DVD's can also be merchandised using our 'multi-tier' pockets display. The pockets are narrow enough to accomodate a dvd with some extra space for ease of use. The availability of a 18 tiers and 13 tiers displays sitting on the base shelf, and a 7tiers and 5tiers upper tiered pockets display


Using an 'inclined upright' or an 'inclined upright bracket' will allow the shopfitter to use standard horizontal brackets and standard shelf planks but still achieve an effective facings for books, dvd's and cd's.


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