Recycling Second Hand Shelving

Discover  Caem's Recycling Second Hand Shelving. Thanks to in-house stocking and powder coating facility CAEM is a major player for shelving recycling services in the Uk.

reduce retailers capex by recycling shelving stock logistic facility for shelving

The service for recycling second hand gondola shelving was launched several years ago the benefit of some major Uk retailer. In order to service their ambitious expansion plans that include in most cases refitting of current stores, we have combined:

  • a service for bringing second hand shelving from site to our warehouse
  • a warehouse management system (WMS)'s controlled stock facility for the most efficient inventory management
  • shelving recycling
  • an in-house overspray service to revamp shelving or change finish
  • a delivery service to site, in conjunction to any brand new material going to site, either from us or other suppliers.

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These areas of retail services gained enormous success as delivering solid advantage for the capex planning of the retailer.

At first they were able to reduce 20% / 30% of the CapEx of a new store or a refit of a store.

Our tremendous capabilities in handling stock and overspray, entirely done in house, has delivered extra flexibility to the retail, recycling second hand shelving. Once working at a new store format, Caem was capable of improving the overspray service so that shelving can be turned into a new-format finish, matching the latest trends in retail.

shelving recycling

shelving overspray shelving overspray shelving colour change

Our in-house painting system is based on an extremely flexible design, combining high capacity for shelving metal parts integrated with the flexibility of two fully automated double sided spray booth and two manual spray station for smaller batches of small runs. Whichever is the retailer requirement, our painting system is design to cater for it, efficiently.

Caem #retail-services are therefore delivering:

  • 20% - 30% capex reduction in new stores and refit of stores when in conjunction with new shelving
  • 55% capex reduction when using only recycled shelving
  • a smooth operation process between new and second hand kit going to stores
  • flexibility for new store formats, thanks to in-house powder coating delivering colour changes
  • scalability of the service depending on the plans of the retailer in the months ahead
  • integration with our 'design house' for the development of new products

Reduce the retailer's capex by utilizing second hand shelving thanks to Caem's stock management and in house overspray


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