What is Integrated Racking? What does B50i mean?

B50 is a Modular Racking System that integrates the capacity of holding stock at height with the flexibility of effective merchandising at customer's picking height. This is perfect for retailers! B50 is part of the wide range of Racking Systems made by Caem.

It has been designed to deliver an enhanced retail feel to the more traditional bulky racking system environments. It is well understood this aims at attracting more female customers into #homeimprovement, #diy, #merchant stores.

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Firstly, the front post has been developed to fit into its surroundings and as a result the front face carries no slots. This subtle adaptation in conjunction with the fabulous array of colour options available add to deliver a retail "shoppers experience" ambience.

We have also launched a special Kicker to sit onto the Integrated S50 shelving to avoid the use of heavy duty beams and again in doing this adding to the retail theme.

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Please contact CAEM UK for more informations,

call 01782 794 500

or email information@caem.co.uk


Where the customer can utilise space behind the wall units to store bulky items we have introduced an extended beam allowing dead space to be used.

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CAEM UK are always at the forefront of new markets and products. B50 and B50i have allowed us to make significant steps into this exciting market and we continue to look for new development solutions with this sector.


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We can work together to introduce new products if you have a specific problem. We can develop how best to display certain product groups all designed to help achieve greater sales. We work with consultants in this sector and their feedback has been very positive.


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All of our Merchant projects have been completed by CAEM’s Retail services Team ensuring that we achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


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If you are thinking of investing in a new or refurbished retail store environment then please contact the CAEM UK team who are here to help!


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Please contact CAEM UK for more information,

call 01782 794 500

or email information@caem.co.uk


B50 and B25 and GP5 respectively integrate with 50mm, 25mm and 40mm shelving, all made by Caem. They are efficiently manufacturing in out state of the art factory to the highest standard of quality.

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A variety of cross beam designs deliver your specific solution.


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